Golden Eagle Insurance is an industry leader in providing innovative blanket portfolio protection for lenders across the country. 


We eliminate the headaches of tracking and force-placing insurance and enable your institution to save time and money with our customer friendly, compliant Blanket 360 Insurance Program. 

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Lender Solutions

Since 1995, Golden Eagle Insurance has been a trusted provider of blanket (VSI, Blanket Mortgage, and Mortgage Impairment), force placed products (Hazard, Flood, Collateral Protection and Outsourced Tracking of Insurance) and other loan related products like GAP and Loan Default Coverage for lending institutions.    

Mortgage Portfolio Protection

Consumer Portfolio Protection

Why us?

Why Golden Eagle Insurance

Comprehensive portfolio protection programs
Comprehensive training
Dedicated claims manager that will advocate for your claim from start to finish
We have the most responsive customer service in the industry
Dedicated Customer Success professionals
Key people with extensive lending experience and education

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