Blanket Mortgage

blanket mortgage protection Golden Eagle Insurance

Blanket Mortgage Protection covers a lender’s entire mortgage portfolio for property damage and is a substitute for force-placed mortgage hazard insurance. When a loss occurs to a mortgaged property that is not covered by the borrower’s homeowner policy, the lender is protected up to the outstanding loan balance.


Blanket Hazard Protection provides coverage on uninsured and underinsured losses to residential and commercial mortgage portfolios. Loan types include 1st & 2nd mortgages, home equity lines, and commercial real estate loans.

  1. Eliminates insurance tracking by providing blanket coverage which does not require renewal/cancelation tracking after insurance has been verified at closing.
  2. Force placement not required on covered loans which eliminates the risk of false force placement premium debits/credits.
  3. Reduces negative borrower contacts with dual interest coverage taking the place of force placed notifications.
  4. Properties are covered through the foreclosure process without the risk of a lapse in coverage.


Individual coverage on particular properties may be needed in certain situations. Blanket Mortgage protection will not cover flood insurance requirements, REO liability, or when borrowers seek individual coverage. Additional coverages available from Golden Eagle Insurance include:

  • REO Liability
  • Force Placed Flood
  • Mortgage Impairment