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Community Lenders Provide Relief Despite Setbacks in 2020

Submitted by Golden Eagle Insurance, Inc on November 25, 2020
In a year full of challenges, one of the most powerful themes to emerge has been one of gratitude. During a time of uncertainty and change, the kindness and support of others has been a guiding light that has moved us forward in this new reality. Community lenders are no exception. Let's look at how the circumstances that came about in 2020 have affected community banking centers that are the heart of our country.
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Alternatives to Premium Increases on Blanket VSI Programs Due to Economic Downturn

Submitted by Golden Eagle Insurance, Inc on June 09, 2020

As our country is still grappling with how the Coronavirus pandemic is shaping a new normal for society, many industries are recognizing that changes must be made to certain facets of their operations. This is certainly true within the world of financial institutions and lending in many different ways. Between dealing with the overwhelming number of applications from the Payment Protection Program and having to adjust lending operations with many working remotely the last thing a lender wants to hear now is that the Blanket VSI that protects their auto lending portfolio is being adjusted. 

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The Community Lenders' Role in Flood Insurance Selection for Borrowers

Submitted by Golden Eagle Insurance, Inc on May 15, 2020

The community lender’s role as a trusted advisor during the mortgage application process is truly an important one. In many cases the lender can rely upon their expertise, however, there are times when it is prudent to rely on a trusted partner of their own to provide sound advice to their borrowers. One of these cases is finding the most affordable option for flood insurance. 

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Top 4 Questions Lenders have about Lender-Placed Insurance

Submitted by Golden Eagle Insurance, Inc on February 14, 2020

Compliance Reminder for Lender Placed Hazard and Flood

Regulations can be confusing. There are mountains of inquiries and revisions to the revisions… So, below we've attempted to summarize a response to the top four questions we are asked. Be aware, that fines can be in the thousands of dollars should these regulations not be followed. Read on to get answers to the four most frequently asked questions.

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How Blanket Insurance Premiums are Calculated

Submitted by Golden Eagle Insurance, Inc on January 15, 2020

Many lenders have heard about how blanket portfolio protection can save them time and money, relieve examiner headaches, and make their operations more efficient with a far more customer-centric approach than tracking and force-placed insurance protection. But how is the premium calculated for various blanket protections? Read on to find out what the main considerations are for each type of collateral. 

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How to get Maximum Benefits from your Collateral Protection Partners

Submitted by Golden Eagle Insurance, Inc on November 25, 2019

Linking your in-house or local insurance agent with collateral and loan protection agents can be beneficial.

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