Force Placed & REO

force placed reoForce Placed Hazard/Flood Protection provides hazard and/or flood coverage for lenders when a borrower lacks adequate insurance on a mortgaged property.


Hazard Protection provides exposure coverage on residential and commercial properties that are owner occupied, non-owner occupied, or vacant. This coverage also includes bank-owned properties and mobile homes. Residential properties are protected against all risks unless specifically excluded and commercial properties are protected against named perils. Contents coverage is available upon request.

  1. Prevents lapses in coverage by providing automatic coverage for 90 days from the date of cancellation or expiration on an existing policy.
  2. Eliminates negative borrower contacts since borrower notification not required until 60 days from the date of cancellation and most renewals or reinstatements will be received within that time.
  3. Reduces false force placement and unnecessary debits/credits of premium to loan accounts because force placed requests not required until the 90th day from the date of cancellation.

Flood Protection provides flood coverage on the same property types as mortgage hazard protection when a borrower fails to procure or maintain the required flood protection.


Automatic Coverage Provision protects from loss due to error or omission in insurance tracking and force placing procedures. If a loss occurs and no force place certificate was placed due to an error or omission, the loss will be covered for both residential and commercial properties.


Online Reporting to place, cancel or change coverage as well as view and print insurance certificates, invoices, and in force reports. Borrower notification letters are also provided to remain in compliance.