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Eazy close protection program for Real Estate Scured Cnsumer Lending TransactionsEaZy-Close Protection Program

The EaZy-Close Protection Policy (EPP) is designed to indemnify the lender in certain unrecoverable loan loss scenarios. The target market is Real Estate secured consumer lending transactions. EPP provides a framework for a lender to evaluate and mitigate specific risk factors when underwriting non-purchase money closed end and equity loan types to a targeted priority position.

The program is backed by an A.M. Best A+ (Superior) rated insurance company.

Marketplace Positioning:

The EaZy-Close Protection Policy delivers a framework of protection to the lender mitigating loan underwriting risk factors associated with Second Mortgage, Home Equity and HELOC loan transactions. EPP streamlines loan origination by providing a one stop risk mitigation solution that is easily integrated into a lenders existing loan underwriting and origination guidelines.

The EaZy-Close Protection Program Includes:

* Property or Legal and Vesting Reports

  • Title Insurance
  • Flood Zone Determination- Life of Loan map change tracking coverage

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