Rick Budde | President, Legacy Federal Credit Union

Most companies and vendors tout they have good service and great claims handling, but in my experience, many fall short. Golden Eagle over-delivers! When we call your team, we get factual answers. When we have a claim, it is handled fairly and quickly to ensure we receive our settlement timely. We appreciate that you have employees who follow the claim through the entire process.

Your service was recently put to the test when we did not receive an anticipated settlement amount from a primary insurance company. Golden Eagle stepped in and was very helpful in getting things resolved, going so far as to pay a significant portion of the loss out of your own company funds to make sure we were ultimately satisfied. You don't just say that you are different, you prove it!

Thank you for being so responsive to our inquiries. We could not ask for more. It is an honor and a pleasure working with everyone on the Golden Eagle team.

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