VSI - Vendor Single Interest

Vehicle single interest or VSI

Vendor Single Interest, protects from uninsured losses to repossessed or unrecoverable collateral and eliminates the need to track and force place insurance after loan closing. The blanket nature of the policy reduces charge-offs with no minimum claim amounts, broad coverages and flexible loan limits and terms. It also saves time and expenses associated with tracking and force placing insurance while improving borrower relationships by avoiding negative contact with borrowers.


Physical Damage & Theft Protection provides blanket all-risk coverage on eligible uninsured collateral at the time of repossession plus 120 days. Partial and total losses from physical damage or theft are covered up to policy loan amount and term limits regardless of actual loan amounts or terms. Police reports are not required if unattainable.

Skip and Confiscation Protection covers losses caused by the inability to locate a borrower or obtain collateral seized by a public office. Skip claims include professional skip tracing efforts with high success rates to help minimize claims. Repossession services are also available as part of the included skip tracing after a borrower and/or collateral has been located.

VSI, also known as Vendor Single Interest or Lender Single Interest, features Deficiency Balance Protection pays the difference between the actual cash value of a vehicle and the principle loan balance in the event of a total loss up to a limit of $5,000. The actual cash value is based on an average of the NADA retail and NADA trade-in values.


  • Passenger autos, vans, pickup trucks up to (1) one-ton load capacity, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and watercraft
  • All titled and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) collateralized residential, commercial, and agricultural vehicles and equipment except mobile homes
  • All new and existing loans automatically included in coverage at inception of policy


Download our Case Study with Kemba Credit Union to see how VSI impacted their members, staff, and practices. 

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